Jenifer V . Barker DVM
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Jenifer V. Barker DVM

I am Dr. Jenifer Barker, former State of Wisconsin Senior Veterinarian at Dairyland Greyhound Race Track. I have a great deal of knowledge to share after practicing on thousands of racing greyhounds in my 14-year tenure at Dairyland. There is no doubt that our beloved greyhounds have unique medical issues not seen in other breeds.

After the closure of Dairyland Greyhound Park, I continue to volunteer my veterinary skills to several greyhound adoption groups. As more greyhounds are adopted into the community, greyhound owners and their veterinarians are seeking out more specialized information regarding greyhound care. Collaboration is the key to understanding the nuances of the breed and caring for these dogs. I have created 4 Greyhounds Veterinary Service to fill that need.


My goal is to identify the problem and advise you and your veterinarian of an appropriate treatment plan. Consultations by phone, email or in person.

This includes:

Health Issues Common in Greyhounds:

Fee Schedule:

Phone or email consultation:

$85 for every 30 minutes

Examinations and treatments:

Quote will be given at time of phone consultation

Hours of Service

Evenings & weekends